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Город грехов: Тяжелое расставание (часть 2)

Из коллекции Город грехов
Опубликовано 5 марта 2012
Длительность видео: 16 мин. 57 сек.
Шестой ролик из фильма "Город грехов" вторая часть эпизода под названием "The Hard Goodbye".

Описание сюжета:
Marv goes to Old Town, Sin City's prostitute-run red-light district, to learn more about Goldie and is captured by her twin sister, Wendy, who had been stalking him and was the attacker Marv previously dismissed as a hallucination. He eventually convinces her that he is not the killer. She and Marv return to the farm where Marv kills Kevin. He confronts Cardinal Roark, who confesses his part in the murders. Kevin was the cardinal's ward; the two men ate the prostitutes to consume their souls. Marv kills the cardinal but is captured by his guards.

Marv is taken to a hospital where cops threaten to kill his mother to get him to confess to killing Roark, Kevin, and their victims. He is sentenced to death in the electric chair. Wendy visits him on death row and thanks him for avenging her sister. Marv is executed the next day.
Лучшие комментарии
  • magalant
    Это шедевр

  • Umnitsa1959
    Тяжелый фильм в психологическом плане... в кинотеатрах такие не смотрю... прошла, как учебный:)

Комментарии (13)
  • Shirley
  • Tanita
    Tanita Помощник Puzzle English
    Фильм не для слабонервных.
  • Людмила Столярова
    Людмила Столярова
    очень, очень трудно!!!
  • Magirus
    Даёшь весь фильм "Город грехов" 1 и 2 часть в видеопазлы! Очень заходит и интересно смотреть.
  • Индира Джафарова
    Индира Джафарова
    Спасибо за ролик! Классный фильм
  • Umnitsa1959
    Тяжелый фильм в психологическом плане... в кинотеатрах такие не смотрю... прошла, как учебный:)
  • serezha
  • garry
    It's very interesting, but extremely long.
  • YuriyMisnik
    Интересно. Культово.

  • BelinaValentina
    it is very difficult for me.
  • inneha
    Terrible story! I never watch movie like that.
  • magalant
    Это шедевр
  • vaira
    One of the best parts,I highly appreciate Marv's sense of humour.

    Is it the end?If it is,I am looking forward to see any similiar film in future.

    Thank for great film and for your great work,admin!
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